KORE workout class: high intensity interval training – Saturday, June 9

KORE invites OPEN Finance members to a private session of its signature HIGH INTENSITY strength, cardio, core and resistance training set to a club inspired atmosphere.

  • ACTIVE STRETCH – Dynamic stretching designed to warm up, lengthen and mobilize the joints to prepare the body for results-driven, sustainable, intelligent high intensity interval training.
  • CORE TRAINING – Exercises to strengthen and fire up your abs, butt, and lower back resulting in increased stability and balance, and to prepare your joints for more advanced sequences as the method progresses.
  • EQUIPMENT-BASED HIIT – High intensity strength and interval training utilizing TRX, Kettlebells, body-weight circuits and resistance bands; modalities that result in increased after-burn, cardiovascular benefits and fast results.
  • STRETCH & COOLDOWN – semi-static stretching exercises to lengthen and repair muscle fiber, stabilize the heart, increase range of motion, cool the body, and ease your mind.

Tickets are $30. Instructor is @mdwhitesides. Participants will receive $10 KORE credit towards a future session.

336 West 13th Street (map)

Saturday, June 9, 2018
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm


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