March 5, 2018

OPEN Finance Women+

OPEN Finance Women+OPEN Finance Women+OPEN Finance Women+ OPEN Finance Women+


To mark International Women’s Day 2018, OPEN Finance announced the formation of its newest committee, OPEN Finance Women+, which will lead initiatives focused on driving increased representation of lesbian, bi, and trans* women across the finance industry.


OPEN Finance Women+ aims to create a community of women-identified individuals in finance, drive engagement, and increase representation of diverse people in all aspects of finance and LGBT+ spaces. Our Women+ initiatives are structured around these three pillars:

Hosting intimate events targeted towards women and other individuals who are not cisgendered men in order to create community and foster a sense of inclusion.

Increasing the participation of diverse individuals, especially women-identified individuals, at OPEN Finance events and initiatives.

Ensuring that gender-diverse voices are present in OPEN Finance and in the finance industry to ensure an inclusive environment for all LGBT+ individuals.

To learn more about events and other initiatives organized by OPEN Finance Women+, sign up to our targeted events mailing list. You can also read an interview with the co-chairs of OPEN Finance Women+.